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What Customers Are Saying About The Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade

George R., MS (Dyna-70 w/Auto Bias)

“… At this point, I can state that this is the most profound upgrade for my system over its roughly 40 year genesis. There is little doubt that this is in part because this amp is “cut from the same technological cloth” as my big 16 ohm Altec’s but that doesn’t do justice to the sense of space, staging and focus on each musician and instrument now happening routinely in my living room. I can’t imagine ever needing or wanting another amp. It’s dead quiet and I’m not coming close to taxing this amp.
I am so glad you were specific about upgrading the power transformer and LM334s. These must be responsible for the rock solid presentation and what has allowed the bass to “unpack” over the roughly 40 hours of run time so far. It now is exceedingly powerful when called for, yet balanced and perfectly nuanced. You notice the character of different bass drums, and generic rhythmic sounds I’ve heard for years are now fully detailed. Someone hitting a hollow wood block with a drumstick (for example). Every listen to my favorites is revealing some treat of that nature. I’m about to plug up my first new turntable in 42 years and I’m sure there are more revelations coming. This is the most enjoyment I’ve had with my favorite hobby in decades…”
“…Happy to converse with any fellow Dyna-70 Ultimate builder. I’m pretty sure I’ll have to break down and build another one myself before too long…”

Carlos M., TX (Dyna-70 w/Auto Bias)

“…I’m liking what I hear, no hum or any other noise and a Black background indeed. It gives about the same stage width, maybe a smidge wider, but the imaging is quite a bit better. The instrument tone is about the same, the brass especially sounds “in the room”. Vocals are where this amp really shines. I know immediately who is singing, even my wife can hear the difference in voices- from the next room! As I expected, dynamics are better, transients are quick without any edge…”

“…This mod is the best iteration I’ve yet heard in an ST-70. I just have to wait about 20-25 minutes until it opens up after turn-on…”
“…One of the things I love about this amp is the quiet background. The music just appears, my mind doesn’t have to fight through any noise. I can relax and immerse myself in the music…”

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