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Business Policies & Procedures

Payment Method

  • We accept cash, credit cards, personal checks, or money orders in U.S. currency.
  • All checks and money orders will be held until they clear before product is shipped- no exceptions.
  • We accept VISA, Master Card and Discover only through

NOTE: We will not ship any item until full payment is received. After your job is completed, you will be contacted for the final invoice balance. At that time, we will request payment of the remaining 50% balance. Customers are responsible for shipping and handling charges both to and from Miller Audio LLC. If you want insurance, that is also your responsibility to insure for the value you place on your audio piece.

Service & Repair

  • Please contact us in advance for service work to be done on your equipment. We can answer any questions you have and give you a “ballpark” estimate based on a conversation/email with you.
  • We charge $65 an hour for service & repair labor.
  • We charge a flat-fee $65 for diagnostic services to assess what is wrong with your audio piece. This fee is applied to the first hour of labor (it usually takes far less than one hour to determine the problem).
  • If you approve our service/repair estimate cost and want us service your audio piece, we require a 50% payment of the repair estimate cost at time of item submission (payment is to be received at least by the time the item arrives at Miller Audio LLC). We will notify you when your piece is ready to return to you. At that time, the remaining 50% of the service invoice/quote is due. Note: We will not ship your item unless it has been fully paid for – meaning the service/repair fee as well as return Shipping & Handling & optional insurance fees have been paid.
  • Should you choose to not have Miller Audio LLC repair/service your item, you will owe the $65 diagnostic fee for our time to get into your unit, inspect what is wrong and prepare a part and labor estimate to repair your unit. If you shipped your unit to us, you would owe us the return Shipping and Handling fee as well as the diagnostic fee.
  • The customer is responsible for shipping costs both to & from Miller Audio LLC.
  • Your gear will be serviced and shipped back to you nominally in 21 days or less. We will advise you on “Turn Around Time” once your piece is in our shop and a formal estimate has been prepared.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone who expresses an interest in our audio equipment but lacks the ability to properly assemble, integrate and operate a high voltage tube amplifier safely.

Shipping & Handling / Packaging

Equipment sent to us for service must be packaged as follows:

  • Tubes must be removed (unplugged from their socket) and packed within the equipment. For ST-70’s we suggest you box each tube (using the tube boxes supplied with your tubes), then wrap the boxed tube in bubble wrap, and then place in additional bubble wrap or foam padding under the Tube Cage. Place some cardboard between the Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade PCB to protect the caps; tape cardboard in place if required.
  • We do not recommend you package Tubes separately from the amplifier, yet within the same box. This creates a possibility where the Tubes can be crushed by the amp should it move around in the box. If you must package tubes separately, we recommend putting in a separate box and ship separately from the amp.
  • Mark or apply “Fragile”, “Delicate Electronics” or “Handle with Care” warning IDs on the shipment all over the box.

NOTE: All audio equipment must be double boxed with a minimum of 1.0 inch of foam sheet between the inside box and the outside box for each 25# of weight (if your amp weighs 35#, it’s now 2.0″ all around all sides, top, and bottom!). We recommend use of pink or blue sheet foam insulation (found at home improvement centers) vs. expanded bead Styrofoam which is less dense, fragile and much easier to compress when weighted.

  • We recommend the use of double thickness cardboard for your box; it is much more durable and stronger than single wall thickness cardboard.

NOTE: NEVER use boxes made from recycled carboard! They are thin and not strong enough (do not use generic cardboard boxes from Walmart, Target, or U-Haul). Invest the time and effort to have a box made specifically for your amplifier to ship it. Investigate use of; ULINE has plastic corrugated boxes that are ideal for shipping heavy items with sharp edges and corners. These are expensive, but so is your audio equipment!

  • The customer is responsible for providing shipping insurance and establishment of the value of your equipment. If you want insurance on return shipment to you, you must request said insurance and the amount to insure your shipment for.
  • We recommend use of FedEx or UPS Ground for audio equipment shipment. Do not depend on the USPS for handing your expensive audio equipment. We only use USPS when customers request it or if we have small miscellaneous small parts (MSP) items that can easily mailed via Priority Mail.
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