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1 Box (100 qty.) 4-40 Kep Nuts



Not Familiar with a Kep Nut? Kep nuts are a modern day solution to that hard to assemble separate tooth lock washer and nut, a Kep nut just makes the lock washer and nut a single assembly and much easier for large hands and fingers to assemble.  Kep Nuts are only available with an outside tooth configuration.  These nuts are not visible inside the chassis and provide the same form, fit, and function as the OEM lock washer & nut.


A kit-built Dynaco ST-70 requires approximately 14, 8-32 Kep nuts and 10, 8-32 fasteners (recall that 4 screws are part of the Power Transformer Assembly) and approximately 36, 4-40 Slotted Pan head screws and finally 4 – 6 bottom cover/Tube Cage screws. In our ST-70 Fastener Kit we round these numbers up to 15 each for the 8-32 hardware, 40 each for the 4-40 hardware and 6 Tube Cage/Bottom Cover screws.


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