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Dyna-120 Ultimate Audio Amplifier

Miller Audio proudly introduces our new 60-watt per-channel KT-88 / 6550 Push-Pull Vacuum Tube Amplifier. Based on our original Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade audio system amplifier, it features the same great-sounding Audio & Power Supply Drive circuit card & 6SN7 preamp tubes as used in the Dyna-70. You are assured of a great sound experience with proven performance from our many satisfied Dyna-70 Ultimate Amplifier customers. Like the Dyna-70, the Dyna-120 is available in Manual Bias (standard) or Automatic Bias (optional) models. All appearance and upgrade options for the Dyna-70 are also available for the Dyna-120.

How similar are the Dyna-70 and Dyna-120? We upgraded the Power Supply Transformer, Output Transformers, Vacuum Tubes, and a few minor components to accommodate the higher power demand- that is all that was necessary. With almost double the power output of the Dyna-70, you can now drive larger, less efficient speakers with the ease only tube power provides. 

This new Dyna-120 amplifier introduces a new, modernized look that all Miller Audio amplifiers offer for 2024. However, we saved our “Blackout,” all-Black appearance package for the Dyna-120 product launch. This new appearance provides a sleek, sophisticated look for any living room, den, game room, or mancave.

As depicted, the Blackout package features our Black powder coated chassis with IEC power input, a new Black anodized aluminum faceplate, and an all-Black hardware package, featuring Black fasteners where visible on the amplifier, Black film coupling, and electrolytic filter capacitors, as well as Black painted transformer covers, laminations, flux band, and all Black hardware on the back of the amplifier.

The base price for the Dyna-120 is $2300; as depicted with Auto Bias: $2625. Pricing assumes a complete complement of vacuum tubes and Miller Audio LLC assembly, test, and check-out. Amplifiers built by Miller Audio feature a 1-year warranty on all parts and labor. The Dyna-120 is also available as a kit for those who want to save a few dollars;  kit’s features a 1-year warranty on all parts

We’ll debut the Dyna-120 Blackout Amplifier at the Lone Star Audio Fest, June 7-9, 2024 at the Embassy Suites Galleria, 14021 Noel Road Dallas, Texas 75240 USA

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