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LM334 Matched Regulator Set



Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade “Upgrades” 

If the Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade itself is not enough to satisfy your quest for the best sounding ST-70, we offer the following items to further improve and expand the high-fidelity performance qualities of your Dyna-70 upgraded ST-70. This involves component replacements, where we have taken the extra time & effort to hand match components for use in both left and right channel circuits of the Dyna-70 PCB, increasing the probability of your hearing and capturing those subtle, background musical nuances, whisps of human voices, missed notes, out of rhythm bars, etc. As we play familiar old recordings, we discover new sounds all the time; minuet notes we have not heard before, or so long ago we forgot about them. Next, we bet you will find you need better recordings because you will hear more “junk” also, LP’s being one the best examples of poor recordings made back in the ’70’s. It is what makes us all Audiophiles!

LM334 Matched Regulator Set

Like matching of film caps, we are trying to align left and right channel LM334’s characteristics for lowest noise and distortion figure. If you are familiar with matching of solid-state components for best audio response and lowest distortion in solid-state amplifiers (transistors such as BJT, FET, MOSFET’s, etc.), this is the same scope of effort where we are matching characteristics of the LM334 (hfe, Vbe, Ic, etc.) regulator. As with the matching of film caps, this is mostly a labor intensive effort.


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