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Heavy Duty PA-060 Power Supply Transformer

This is an Improved power transformer for our Dyna-70/120 Ultimate Upgrade audio system amplifiers.  This PA-060 features heavier construction with a taller lamination stack that runs cooler, provides better regulation and it doesn’t buzz or hum like some original PA-060’s did. No modifications are required to the chassis and all wires have identical color code as the original Dynaco transformer.

Our new PA-060 Power Supply Transformer primary circuit operates at 120 VAC  @ 50/60 Hz, while the secondary features a high voltage B+ 720 VCT with 360-0-360 @ 300 mA output, a negative 55 volt bias output, (2) 6.3 VAC @ 5 Amp heater filament outputs and (1) 5.0 VAC @ 4 Amp Rectifier output.

Required for our Dyna-70/120 Ultimate Upgrade amplifiers to power the 3 larger 6SN7’s heater filaments, this Power Supply Transformer also serves our new Dyna-120 Ultimate Upgrade amplifier with enough power for 6550/KT-88 output tubes and produces 60 Watts per channel vs. our Dyna-70 Ultimate Upgrade which produces 35 Watts per channel. 

This upgraded Power Supply Transformer is approximately 2 inches tall due to an increase in the number of lamination plates. This transformer is an exact drop-in replacement for all Dynaco ST-70 and ST-120 35 Watt & 60 Watt tube amplifiers. Review the following comparison of vintage PA-060’s compared to our new, more powerful PA-060 on the left side of photo.

These transformers are made in the U.S.A. from materials and parts sourced in North America; we have in stock and ready for your Dyna Ultimate Upgrade audio system- only $279.95.

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